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“Yandex” banned foul language in “Aura” and asked not to call the police “trash”

The new service of the company has strict rules about “dangerous content”.

Users of social service “Aura” from “Yandex”, which is in beta testing, were asked not to use obscene and “low” vocabulary, as well as rude language. This is stated in the content requirements section, which Novaya Gazeta drew attention to .

  • Users of “Aura” are asked to “try to avoid” obscene language, as indicated in the rules. , participating in beta testing, the mat is in service under the automatic ban: post with none of the swear words could not be published;
  • Yandex asked to avoid jargon and cited as an example the words cops, dope, loot, garbage, and hang out. However, these words are not automatically banned: easily published a post with all of them.;
  • In the “Aura” are unacceptable insults, as well as the publication of information discrediting honor, dignity and business reputation, according to the rules. Yandex considers as false information Yandex’s attempts to impersonate a third party, “informational hoaxes” and click-through headlines;
  • “Yandex” asked to publish “only verified information that corresponds to reality.” However, the company did not specify criteria for determining such information.It is also unknown exactly how the service checks “informational hoaxes” or other supposedly false information.;
  • Users of “Aura” are reminded that the service “does not allow mentioning” of prohibited goods and services, links to thematic sites and instructions for manufacturing. “Yandex” refers to such goods and services as “narcotic, psychotropic, explosives, weapons and other goods, any actions with which are prohibited or restricted by law”;
  • “Yandex” asks “not to publish information that may cause interest or prohibit actions with them for prohibited goods and services”. The requirements also do not indicate the criteria by which it is determined whether the post is of interest to such goods or not.;
  • “Aura” prohibits the publication of pornographic materials, “the content of which consists entirely of a description and / or demonstration of sexual behavior and has a pronounced sexual character”;
  • The ban includes, among other things, “dangerous content”, by which Yandex means calls for illegal actions or “potentially dangerous activities”, violation of user rights or the requirements of the law, as well as information that “may entail life-threatening activities people”;
  • Yandex didn’t clarify what it considers to be a “potentially dangerous activity” and didn’t explain how it determines information that could theoretically lead to the threat of someone’s life;
  • The press service of “Yandex” told that these rules are valid from the beginning of beta testing. The company clarified that it started in the period before March 15, when the first news about “Aura” appeared.

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