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JK Rowling spoke about Dumbledore’s sex life. In social networks began to joke about the fetishes of other heroes of “Harry Potter”

The writer added “sexual overtones” to the relationship of the head of Hogwarts with Green de Wald. But in movies and books this is not said.

Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore in The Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of the Green de Wald by Warner Bros. 

On March 12, a Blu-Ray disc of the movie “Fantastic Beasts: The Greens of the Wald Crimes” was released, with commentaries by screenwriter Joan C. Rowling and director David Yeats. The writer confirmed that the relationship between the characters of the Albus Dumbledore franchise and Gellert Green de Wald had sexual connotations. This was noticed in the RadioTimes publication.

Soon social networks started joking about the sexual fetishes of other characters in the franchise. Users also noticed that it was not the first time that Rowling spoke about what was not in books and films: for example, the writer had previously statedthat Hermione could be black, and at Hogwarts there was not always a Muggle water system. wizards were emptied on the spot, and then “magically removed the consequences.”

Relationship Dumbledore and Green de Wald

Back in 2007, Rowling said that she had always considered Hogwarts Director gay. Ten years later, the writer noted that Dumbledore was not only friendly with Green de Wald, but was in love with him. Previously it was not known whether he reciprocated Albus. In the comments to the second part of Fantastic Beasts, the author stated that the relationship of the heroes had sexual overtones.

Their relationship was incredibly deep and passionate. As happens in any couple, hetero, homosexual or other, no matter what label we attach to them, a person never surely knows what the other feels. You cannot know, you can only believe.

I’m less interested in their sex life — although I’m sure that there was sexual overtoning in their relationship — than in the feelings they had for each other. This is the most amazing thing in human relationships.Joan C. Rowlingthe author of a series of books about Harry Potter

Director David Yates added: “This story is about two men who loved each other and were eventually forced to fight against each other. The history of the 21st century.

New revelations of the creators of the picture provoked a wave of memes.

Memes about sex at Hogwarts

In response to the statement, Rowling in social networks began to use the “nobody” format patterns. Usually such memes ridicule those who want to attract attention to themselves at any cost. Users joked about what the novelist could tell about the characters in their franchise.

Most of the jokes concerned the secret sex life of teachers and students of the school of magic and sorcery. Twitter suggested that Dobby all this time was a lesbian, and Sirius Black, who could turn into a black dog, was a furry.

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Volan de Mort didn’t have a nose because he is a cocaine addict”

“Absolutely no one: / J. K. Rowling: Luna Lovegood was a bisexual pro-Choice voyaist and a quarter Chinese woman. Wingardium Levios was Hermione’s stop word. Lucius Malfoy was a cuckold. This was never said, but it was clear that way. ”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Creamy beer is sperm”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Dobby Loves Golden Rain”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: McGonagall played a lesbian affair with Filch’s cat when she turned into a cat

“No one: / Absolutely no one: / J. K. Rowling: The distribution hat was Dumbledore’s mistress when Green de Wald was not around. By the way, Dobby – lesbian “

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: And don’t even make me talk about the Weeping Myrtle”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Professor Quirrell liked peggings”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Soon there will be a sex video with Snape”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Do you know what else was nine and three quarters?”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Dobby can swallow a Nimbus 2000”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Sirius was a furry”

“None: / J. K. Rowling in 2030: Volan de Mort was depressed black gay”

“Nobody: / ​​J. K. Rowling: Neville had a wart on his ass”

Some users have slightly changed the pattern “nobody”, but also continued joking about sex at Hogwarts.

“Reporter: Hello / JK Rowling: Actually, there was a fifth faculty at Hogwarts, about which no one knew. He was called the sex department, and the hat distributed there only the most lewd wizards. They had sex every day and never studied magic. ”

“Mannequin in the shop: / J. K. Rowling: In the language of wizards,“ Hogwarts ”means“ College of Sex ””

“I: / J. K. Rowling: Hagrid paid for photos of the legs”

“Vendor: Okay, you have 2 dollars 95 cents … / J. K. Rowling: Dobby had herpes!”

“J. K. Rowling can put an end to all disputes and publish the book “Who wizards have sex with,” so that we can find out who wizards have sex with. “

“Baby: I love Hagrid! / JK Rowling: Unfortunately, he died of autoerotic asphyxiation in a hotel room in Bangkok. ”

“Funeral Home Officer: Sorry for your loss / Me: Thank you / J. K. Rowling: Once Harry’s father accepted three members at a time / Me: Not now, Joan”

“We: Can we … / J. K. Rowling: No / We: But … / J. K. Rowling: The forbidden section at Hogwarts was closed because Dumbledore kept his gay erotica there”

Reddit also noticed jokes about sex related to the Harry Potter universe. In the r / memeeconomy subreddite, where the potential of memes is discussed, a template with an empty tweet of the writer appeared and soon spread to one of the most popular sections on the forum – r / dankmemes.

“The Ministry of Magic is ruled by wizards from the Ku Klux Klan.”

“Hermione had a mentally handicapped child, and she exchanged it for an electronic cigarette on the black market.”

“Professor McGonagall sniffed cocaine from Hagrid’s ass”

“Dumbledore is actually Hitler’s biological father”

“Dumbledore was engaged in torture of a member and testicles with Snape”

Russian franchise fans were not even surprised by Rowling’s statement.

Criticism statements Rowling

Some Twitter users have directly accused the writer of attracting attention. Others noted that Rowling is trying to make his franchise more progressive, talking about new details of the heroes’ sex life. However, in their opinion, this will not help the LGBT community, since the films and books do not talk about the romantic relationship between Dumbledore and Green de Wald.

“People rightly mock JK Rowling for her ridiculous statement about Dumbledore’s sexuality and his fictional sex life. As long as there are no editor notes or any sex scenes in the books that she was forced to cut out, Rowling simply attracts attention. ”

“J. K. Rowling can log in and write “Dumbledore was the top” as he wants, but the fact remains. It does not include LGBT representation in its books and films so that its income does not fall. ”

“I would like to see an obvious hint of this relationship (obviously not the sex scene, because, first of all, it is a franchise for the whole family). But she can’t just say “Dumbledore is gay,” “They had a relationship.” If this is not shown, the Harry Potter franchise will not become more inclusive. ”

“J. K. Rowling confirmed that some characters in her books and films are gay everywhere except books or films. ”

“If Green de Wald and Dumbledore had sex alone in the forest, and no one saw them, then this is indeed a true representation of LGBT people”

There were also users on Twitter who sided with the author of the Harry Potter books.

“I don’t know anything about Harry Potter, and I don’t care. But here’s a reminder to you that everyone does not like it, that J. K. Rowling comments on the sex life of the characters she invented … They are her characters in her story that she invented herself. They will be what she wants. ”

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