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In the French airport launched a robotic parking

It works more efficiently than valet people and costs less.

The company Stanley Robotics launched the first public robotic parking at the airport in French Lyon. She can use all passengers with cars.

To do this, just leave the car in a special box and tell the time of storage of the car. Robots named “Stan” will transport the car to the storage facility and return it to its owner at the appointed time.

Stanley Robotics claims that their system uses parking spaces more efficiently than human valet parking and can fit 50% more cars into one zone. Such indicators have been achieved due to the fact that robots think in advance where to park the car. For example, if it is necessary to return it to the owner very soon, then the car will be in the forefront.

Robots use the same technology as self-driving machines — they scan the environment and react to anything that comes in the way. Stanley Robotics has already tested the system at Düsseldorf Airport and the French Charles de Gaulle. In the near future, the company intends to conduct tests in London Gatwick, but in Lyon for the first time, parking became available to everyone all the time.

So far, the robots have not replaced parking in the entire airport, they have been allocated only one of six sections. Four devices serve approximately 500 parking spaces and park approximately 200 cars per day.

The company told The Verge that they intend to expand the robotic parking up to 6 thousand parking spaces, but did not name the dates. The representative of Stanley Robotics also clarified that while people will be watching the robots, however, in the future, the monitoring will be transferred to a remote basis.

As noted in The Verge, the cost of parking by robots is cheaper than people. According to the website of Lyon Airport, a robot parking for a week will cost 54 euros (about 4 thousand rubles), and parking services for people will be 104 euros (about 7,600 rubles). However, this may not be related to the efficiency of the robots: the zone served by Stanley Robotics is furthest from the terminals, and those that are served by people are much closer.

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