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In Dutch Utrecht, an unknown person opened fire on a tram. There are wounded

Police cordoned off the scene. The attacker disappeared.

Police at the scene Photo: AFP

In Dutch Utrecht, an unknown person opened fire on passengers in a tram. There are wounded, their number is not specified. Reports about it “BBC”.

Updated at 14:25: At least 1 person died in the attack in Utrecht. This was reported by local media.

The anti-terrorism police cordoned off the area near the tram station where the shooting took place. Emergency services are located on the scene and three helicopters are involved. Schools and mosques in Utrecht were instructed to close all doors.

“Dutch mosques in Utrecht have been ordered to close the doors. The buildings are guarded by the Dutch police. ”

It is not yet known whether the shooter was arrested. The police do not rule out aversion of the attack and are investigating a “possible terrorist motive.” According to the local edition of AD, several people fired.

“The police are on the scene. The incident occurred around 10:45 am. More than one person may be involved in shooting. ”

“Dutch media report that two armed men are on the run after the shooting in the center of Utrecht, the Netherlands. “Many wounded and well-armed policemen in major Dutch cities are reported.”

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