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Prime Minister of New Zealand received a “manifesto” of the attack nine minutes before the attack

To prevent the attack because of this would hardly have been possible, she said.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jasinda Ardern, said that her office staff received the “manifesto” of suspect Brandon Tarrant nine minutes before the start of the attack. It is reported by The Guardian.

Arden clarified that they notified the New Zealand Security Service of Tarrant’s letter two minutes after they received the “manifesto” by e-mail. According to Ardern, it would hardly have been possible to prevent the terrorist act, since the “warning” did not contain any details or indications of a specific scene of the incident.

The Prime Minister also added that Tarrant’s message was sent to 30 addresses, including the media and the Parliamentary Bureau for Tourism.

On March 15, gunmen attacked two mosques in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. They burst inside and staged a shooting – 50 people became victims of the terrorist attack, at least 48 people were injured. 28-year-old Brandon Tarrant – while the only suspect in the attack. Tarrant was arrested shortly after the attack, he faces life imprisonment.

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