How to communicate Siri with text, not voice

It is not always convenient to communicate with Siri voice, how else can you give commands to the voice assistant?

In iOS 12, the Commands application has appeared, with the help of which you can control some functions of your smartphone. This may partially replace voice command input.

But also iOS developers have provided the ability to enable text-to-text communication with Siri.

Initially it is disabled, you can activate it on the way Settings – Universal Access – Siri – Text input for Siri .

Now, with the usual activation of the voice assistant, an on-screen keyboard and a field for entering requests will appear.

All communication with Siri can be done through correspondence and do not use voice commands.

Do not forget to enable the method of calling the assistant with the button ( Settings – Siri and search – Calling Siri with the Home button ).

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