Electromagnetic Radiation iPhone. How does it affect you

We fall asleep and wake up with the iPhone, do not let go of the smartphone and give it to children to take a cartoon for a couple of minutes. Even “Screen Time” cannot make us put it aside. Probably in vain.

As long as we are sure that Apple devices are completely harmless, they hit the antitop on dangerous radiation from Statista, the western statistical site.

I explain what it is, how it affects the body , and why there is no reason for panic.

Well, almost none.

What kind of radiation is it dangerous for?

What is SAR?

Radiation, or SAR abbreviation, means Specific Absorption Rate. This is the specific absorption rate of electromagnetic energy.

This indicator determines the energy of the electromagnetic field that human tissues absorb in one second.

This value measures in W / kg. It is most often used to determine the harmful effects of mobile devices.

In Europe, smartphones with a SAR level of more than 2.00 W / kg per 10 grams of tissue are not certified , and in the USA – more than 1.60 W / kg of 1 gram of tissue.

In Russia, another system in which the values ​​of Specific Absorption Rate can not be transferred. Radiated power we measure in W / cm ².

To measure the SAR level, take a special container in the shape of the head, fill it with a substance that looks like human tissue, bring the device to all of this and measure it with a special device.

Fix only the maximum value during dialing . It is 10 times the normal SAR level.

How Apple smartphones got into radiation antitop

On February 4 and 5, 2019, two ratings appeared :

Smartphones with maximum radiation

Source: Statista

In the antitope on the maximum level of radiation SAR iPhone 7 took 9th place with a rate of 1.38 W / kg, iPhone 8 – 14th, 1.32 W / kg.

Three antiheroes: Xiaomi Mi A1 with an indicator of 1.75 SAR, OnePlus 5T with a radiation level of 1.68 W / kg and Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with 1.58 W / kg.

Minimum Radiation Smartphones

Source: Statista

In the top for the minimum radiation iPhone is not.

Three leaders: Samsung Galaxy Note8 and ZTE Axon Elite with an indicator of 0.17 W / kg, as well as the LG G7 with an indicator of 0.24 W / kg.

Above these posts worked Statista journalist Martin Armstrong. He used the open data of the German radiation protection agency Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz for December 10, 2018.

He took only current models of Apple, BlackBerry, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorolla, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE and discarded devices that are no longer available.

Doubt that the study took him more than 20 minutes. But only lazy people didn’t write about his results, because two Apple smartphones fell into the antitope of the most dangerous in terms of SAR: iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

But to panic early.

SAR regulations are taken very seriously in Germany

What they say in the organization Der Blaue Engel

Since 1978, Blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel) has been operating in Germany. It is the oldest organization that certifies green products that are harmless to health.

She has her own opinion on the radiation of smartphones. All devices with a SAR higher than 0.60 W / kg are considered harmful and give a safety mark only to devices with radiation levels below this level.

The closest to this indicator was the original 2007 iPhone. Its radiation reached a level of 0.62 W / kg, and even it could not be called harmless according to the norms of Der Blaue Engel.

However, the norms of this organization are only advisory in nature, so Apple smartphones are selling without problems both in Germany and in Europe as a whole.To this topic:

You can find out the radiation of any smartphone in a second

IPhone X radiation check

The German radiation protection agency Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz does not hide its data, they are on the official website of the organization.

You just need to enter the device model (for example, iPhone X ) and look at the SAR value (at the ear) . Less is better.

✔️ Find out the radiation level of the smartphone

How do we relate to radiation

What is the opinion of MEPI?

“The phone manufacturers take all measures and control their equipment so that it is not harmful,” – from an interview with Vladimir Reshetov, associate professor at MEPI.

Vladimir Reshetov, associate professor of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPI), is sure that radiation from mobile phones is not harmful to health.

According to him, radiation itself, which is measured by the SAR method, is dangerous. However, smartphones emit such a weak radiation that it cannot adversely affect a person . In LTE networks, devices are harmless.

Vladimir Reshetov specializes in electronic devices, so he wants to believe.

The effect of radiation smartphones tested on animals

Radiation tested on experimental rats

On November 1, 2018, a study appeared on the pages of The New York Times that linked cancer development with radio frequency radiation from mobile phones.

The study was performed on rats. After it, the males were found with cancer, and the females remained completely healthy.

Rats were irradiated nine hours a day for two years. After that, 2–3% developed brain cancer, and 5–7% developed heart tumors.

At first glance, the numbers are scary. However, the study has nuances:

▪️ So intensely a person doesn’t use any telephone 
▪️ Researchers used increased exposure level 
▪️ For the test, they used 900 MHz frequencies from the 90s (2G), which are several times more dangerous than LTE

In fact, scientists used critical values ​​that are not found today, and obtained a natural result.

In sum, this experience does not answer the question of whether moderate radiation is dangerous to humans.

Last year, radiation tested on humans

Scientists have monitored the level of radiation 5 thousand people

For us, a more interesting study on people, which was conducted by Spanish scientists from the Barcelona Institute of Global Health. They published it in October 2018 in the pages of Environment International magazine .

They created a matrix in which they included a control group of 5 thousand people from 7 countries of the world who worked in various fields.

With the help of it, they tried to compare the radiation power from mobile devices and other devices with the risk of cancer.

In the course of the experiment, they could not draw clear parallels between people in the risk zone and radiation power, so they stressed that cell phones are not dangerous for humans.

However, they also noted that 10% of test subjects who received the maximum radiation were closest to the risk group.

How to play it safe and reduce phone radiation

📞 Speak less by phone. The more often you bring the phone to the head, the more irradiated. It is better to chat via messengers, so today is more relevant.

📡 Do not hold the phone to your ear immediately. Bring the phone to your ear only when the subscriber picked up the phone – radiation when dialing up to 10 times more than during a call.

🎧 Buy headphones with a headset. To talk a lot on the phone without exposure to perfectly fit AirPods . With them, the iPhone generally will not need to bring to your ear.

😴 Do not sleep near the smartphone. No need to irradiate yourself all night long.

🗼 Be closer to cell towers. The closer you are to cell towers, the less power the phone needs to communicate with them and the less radiation from it.

📲 Choose safe smartphones. The lower the SAR level, the better.

Which iPhone is the safest

Our radiation rating is generally all iPhones according to Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz

The safest iPhone is the first model released in 2007. It has a radiation of only 0.62 W / kg . The most dangerous iPhone 7 with a SAR at 1.38 W / kg .

The radiation of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max as well as the iPhone X R is 0.99 W / kg .

The cheapest of the more or less relevant, iPhone SE , in second place for security with a SAR of 0.72 W / kg .

Interestingly, all iPhones are manufactured according to the norms of the USA and Europe, but they are not suitable for the certification of environmental friendliness of the German company Der Blaue Engel.

The result: what you need to know about the radiation of smartphones

1. It is called SAR and is measured in W / kg. Valid values ​​for Europe are 2.00 W / kg, for the USA 1.60 W / kg. Devices with radiation up to 0.60 W / kg are considered safe.

2. Check your smartphone for radiation, you can link .

3. There is no evidence that the radiation of smartphones affects a person, but there is a risk.

4. To reduce radiation, speak on the headset and do not put your iPhone on a pillow next to you during sleep.

5. The safest among Apple smartphones is the original iPhone from 2007. He has a radiation of 0.62 W / kg.

Now you know everything about the emission of smartphones and do not be surprised at the next loud safety ratings from the iPhone is not in the best light

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