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Yandex started testing the Aura social service – with a “smart” search for friends and communities of interest

Swipes instead of likes, like in Tinder.

Yandex is preparing to launch the Aura social service within its own application ( iOS , Android ). As reported by TJ in the press service of the company, she began beta testing. The dates of the public launch of “Aura” in the “Yandex” did not name.

Yandex.Aura is a social service that, based on machine learning, neural networks and other technologies of Yandex, finds new interesting people with similar hobbies and surroundings.

Yandex.Aura introduces people to each other: a user can join communities, create posts and target them not to a limited number of their subscribers, but to a selected service “Yandex”

At the moment, “Aura” can be launched by receiving an invite from the current testing participant – everyone can invite up to five people per day. The social network icon will appear on the main page of the Yandex application.

  • The tape of friends in “Aura” is formed using artificial intelligence and neural networks. The service takes into account data that is already available to Yandex or will be provided by the user. For example, it may be common interests such as a sport or an art movement;
  • “Aura” also takes into account the “environment”, that is, common friends, as well as user geolocation – that is, it helps to find “interesting people” who are close;
  • The user determines the level of access to content on the characteristics. That is, you can set the settings so that the post is not seen by people of a certain age and gender, or residents of the same city;
  • “Aura” ensures that users put real photos, and in the posts was not “profanity, shocking photos, insults and other content that violates the rules of service.”

Editor reviewed the Aura Beta. It has five tabs – a ribbon, a list of communities of interest, a field for creating a new record, notifications, as well as a menu with access to a profile, chat rooms, a history of actions and settings.The user can rate the publication he likes by brushing it to the right, and those that do not – to the left.

A “Aura” user before publishing can limit the list of those who see his post, indicating location and gender. The mechanics are similar to Tinder, but the Aura has its own “smart” dating service., who first spoke about the service and talked to unnamed search engine employees, noted that Auru today cannot be called a social network in the generally accepted sense of the word. The publication also concluded that “Aura” has a “disruptive nature” for existing social networks, since it is easier to shape the agenda, does not require specifying a large amount of information (the company already has it) and is guided by interesting content for the user.

“Yandex” has already done the social network in a more traditional form – “”. The company closed the project in June 2014, keeping the archive of users on Yandex.Disk.

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