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Using Tinder’s automated face recognition bot

The programmer Justin Long (Justin Long) created for the Tinder dating site a Tinderbox bot that automatically likes partners of a given type and starts chatting with them. He told about it in his personal blog .

According to Long, it took him three weeks to create the algorithm. At the same time, to use the resulting add-on, the user does not need to create a new account: it is enough to log into the existing one.

Tinderbox allows you to open a service that is usually only available as an application for smartphones in a web browser and launch the automatic partner search mechanism. Unlike the popular Tinder hacks, indiscriminately targeting all people nearby, Justin’s solution uses the Eigenface face recognition system and eliminates candidates according to their appearance. In addition, Tinderbox automatically starts a conversation in case of mutual sympathy.

Processing takes place in several stages: the bot collects pictures of partners that the user likes and does not like, finds faces on them, cuts out and makes two average portraits with which the comparison takes place later.

Long also added to his version of Tinder and support for paid features of the service, such as canceling likes, as well as the ability to launch a search for his ideal not only nearby, but also anywhere in the world.

In addition, Tinderbox saves user time, eliminating silent candidates. Before sending the owner a notice of a successful discovery, he exchanges several messages with a potential partner and analyzes the emotional tint of his answers.

As the creator notes, his add-on for Tinder turned out to be extremely effective: in 48 hours she helped to achieve 21 mutual sympathy and started long conversations with four potential partners.

Justin noted that in a short time he managed to go on ten dates, where he told the girls about his invention: some of them took the news negatively, and some asked to tell more. In the end, the creator disconnected Tinderbox, as it began to distract him too much from work.

Long published everything Tinderbox needed on GitHub and suggested that other network users modify it to their liking: he does not intend to look for commercial gain in his add-in.

The Tinder service is rapidly gaining popularity around the world due to its simplicity: after registering on Facebook, the user immediately gets a “deck” of pictures of potential partners located nearby. If a guy whips a photo of a girl to the right, then his picture will also be shown to her: in case of mutual sympathy, they will have the opportunity to start a correspondence and move to social networks or immediately schedule a date.

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