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Tinder announced the rejection of the internal rating of “desires” of users based on likes and refusals

The system, which showed profiles from one league, was considered irrelevant.

Tinder stopped using the internal rating of Elo, which calculates the “desire” of users by different criteria, including the number of likes and refusals. About this company told in his blog.

The algorithm analyzed the interest in the user profile. The developers said that Elo calculated on the basis of svaypov with likes or refusals, and also took into account the average time of viewing the “card” of the user. Based on Elo, the application showed the user accounts whose rating was close to his rating. The Verge clarifiedthat users criticized the algorithm because it allowed popular users to like each other, ignoring users with a low internal rating.

Tinder reported that the application does not use Elo right now, although it still takes into account the history of the likes of both people when forming the “match”. The company added that the current algorithm corrects potential accounts for showing after the “likes” or “dislikes” of the user profile – this happens about once every 24 hours.

We don’t care what your skin color is: black, white, magenta, or blue. The algorithm does not know whether you earn 10 dollars or 10 million dollars a year. We are not going to first show you all the blondes, because they are supposedly more fun, we do not believe in stereotypes.

Regardless of what you celebrate – the festival of lights in India, the carnival, Uraza Bayram or the gay pride – we think the party is getting better when great people with different ways of life can meet.Tinder press service

In 2016, Tinder Vice President Jonathan Badin (Jonathan Badeen) compared the Elo algorithm with the selection of opponents in online games: the better the results are shown by the user, the more serious rivals he comes across in the tape.

In March 2017, TechSrunch said that Tinder is testing a closed version of the application designed for top managers, models and “really attractive people.” Journalists have suggested that his work uses the Elo rating.

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