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In Yaroslavl, a journalist swept the sidewalk on skates to show the quality of street cleaning

The prosecutor’s office has already filed five administrative cases for uncleaned roads.

In Yaroslavl, a journalist showed by her own example the poor quality of street cleaning — she went skating along the pavement. The video of the experiment was published on the website “”.

The video showed how the girl put on her skates and rode them along the sidewalk several times. At the same time, people were walking along the street at the same time. Earlier, because of the icy sidewalks, city residents suggested that the mayor’s office should “go to the skating rink”.

The prosecutor’s office of Yaroslavl has already instituted five administrative cases for poor street cleaning. According to the ministry, from the beginning of March 1,050 people turned to the emergency room.

Residents of other cities also complained about poor snow removal this winter. At the end of winter, the streets of St. Petersburg were still littered with snow, and one of the snowdrifts became the basis for the photojob. In early March, snow fell from the roof and damaged the car of the mayor of Yakutsk.

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