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Shooting in New Zealand: an ultra right-wing activist called on to subscribe to Pewdiepie and broadcast on social networks

Users have found his manifesto, where he is ironic that he learned how to shoot Fortnite and also dreams of a civil war in the United States.

Shooter from New Zealand Frame from his video

How the shooting started

On the afternoon of March 15 (morning Moscow time) an act of terrorism occurred in the New Zealand city of Christchurch . Two men with guns staged shooting in the mosques of Al-Nur and Lynwood Masjid. One of the attackers filmed what was happening on video and posted on Instagram and Facebook: he drove up to the building in a car, went out with a weapon and started shooting the parishioners.

According to an eyewitness, the attack in Al-Nour lasted about six minutes: the shooter met no resistance and once returned to the car to recharge. In Lynwood, the shooter took several stores with him and reloaded during the attack. Several people in the mosque managed to hide and barricade themselves in other rooms. The attacker also managed to pass and finish those lying on the ground. Twitter posted a video from the mosque after the shooter left from there – those who could survive were shot in the frame.

The location of the two mosques where the shooting was staged, on maps of Google Map Bloomberg

After the police arrived at the mosques, she defused several improvised explosive devices, which were installed on parked cars. Two controlled explosions left backpacks staged near the station in Auckland. Police detainedthree suspects: allegedly with them andshooter video. They added that the search for accomplices is over.


According to official information in the attack on two mosques 49 people were killed. About 40 more people are in hospitals with injuries – some in critical condition.

This is an unprecedented number of casualties, not only for New Zealand, but also for the United States, where in recent years attacks on public places have increased. More than killed in shooting in Texas (27), South Florida (17) andSandy Hook (26). The last time mass shooting took place in Las Vegas, where 50 people were killed .

According to the statistics cited by The New York Times, gun murders are extremely rare in New Zealand. In 2017, the local people committed only 35 murders. Despite the fact that New Zealanders own a large number of firearms:1.2 million registered units per 4.6 million population.

Broadcasts in social networks and causes of attack

The identity of one of the attackers is known – this is a 28-year-old Australian named Brenton Tarrant. He put on his camera and started broadcasting the shooting on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter users have downloaded the video and studied it.

Representatives of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have stated that they have blocked arrow accounts and are “working to remove” copies of the video. A representative of the New Zealand branch of Facebook added that the police had warned the company about the stream “shortly after the incident.” The social network also removes “praise and support” for the attacker.In “VKontakte” said TJ, which also remove the videos and block pages that distribute video with scenes of violence.

Before the attack, Tarrant said: “Remember, subscribe to Pewdiepie.” This is a reference to the opposition of the Swedish video blogger and the Indian company T-Series for the title of the most popular channel. It is massively supported by users, turning the call to subscribe to the channel in the meme. The blogger disown any links with the shooter.

Tarrant warned in advance about his attack in a post on 8chan: he attached links to his social networks, where he made a broadcast, and also urged the others to “go to work in real life.” Against the background of the shooting, several songs were played, often ironically used on 8chan – “ Serbia Strong ”, “ Fallschirmjäger ” and a British march remix .

I’m going to attack the invaders and make a stream on Facebook, links below. While you are reading this, I have to go on the air. If I don’t survive, I wish you good luck, guys, bye everyone and see you in Valhalla!
Brenton Tarrantshooter in New Zealand mosque

Tarrant also published a 37-page manifesto where he explained his actions. The full version is still available .

  • The shooter said he was of the extreme right, although he used to consider himself a communist. He expects to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in the future, “just like the terrorist nelson mandela”;
  • Tarrant called his actions a terrorist act and stated that he would like to cause an escalation of political and cultural tensions in order to start a civil war in the United States;
  • The attacker planned to attack three mosques, but considered the latter a “bonus target.” “I’m not sure that I will succeed,” he concluded;
  • According to the shooter, he doesn’t support Donald Trump, but considers himself a supporter of conservative activist Candace Owens. He also opposes the politics of globalization and cultural confusion;
  • Tarrant called his idols Anders Breivik and Dylan Ruff (shooter in Charleston), and also called to kill Angela Merkel and Recep Erdogan. He jokingly added that he had learned to shoot Fortnite, while ethnic nationalism was learned in Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon.

The shops that Tarrant scattered in the mosque are painted with calls and words in Latin and Cyrillic. For example, they have the name of the Majordom and “the savior of Europe from the Arabs” Karl Martel, the name of Alexander Bissonette, who attacked a mosque in Canada, and the date of the Battle of Bulair between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.

Shops from a New Zealand shooter. Photos from Twitter

First effects

In Christchurch, all schools, kindergartens and government offices were closed, and local residents were asked not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. The police cordoned off the stations and temporarily blocked all roads. Locals began to carry flowers to the mosques to commemorate the victims

New Zealanders give an interview to a TV channel near the mosque Photo by The Guardian

Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern called the incident “an act of unprecedented cruelty,” and on March 15, “one of the darkest days” in New Zealand’s history. According to her, the motives of the attackers are being investigated, and none of the suspectsnot a law enforcement watch list.

We undoubtedly survived an unprecedented attack. All my thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered or lost someone in today’s shooting.

New Zealand has become a target not because we are condoning racism or extremism, but precisely because there is nothing like this here.

Jacinda arderprime minister of new zealand

The authorities of Great Britain and Australia expressed their condolences in connection with the incident. Vladimir Putin sent a telegram of condolences to the Prime Minister of New Zealand in connection with the terrorist attack.

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