Netflix will remove frames from the real disaster from the Bird Box. At first, the company said it was impossible

Frames in the already published film will be replaced.

Netflix will replace the frames of the “Bird box” with the image of a nuclear disaster in London. They show the current collapse of the composition with oil in the Canadian Lac-Megantic. BBC and The Canadian Press spokesperson told Netflix about this.

The company apologized to the residents of Lac-Megantica and promised to replace the staff within a few weeks. At first, Netflix claimed that they could not make changes to already filmed films, citing their widespread occurrence.

The service faced criticism from the Bird Box in early 2019, when Canadian journalists discovered footage of a real disaster in the film. It turned out that the service used an image from the Canadian-American sci-fi series “Travelers”, the rights to which he also owns.

The collapse of the composition in Lac-Megantica occurred in 2013. Then the train carrying 74 tanks with oil came off the rails. Several tanks caught fire and exploded. As a result of the tragedy, 47 people died, dozens of houses and buildings were destroyed.

In January 2019, Netflix for the first time blocked an episode of his own show in Saudi Arabia at the request of the authorities. Then the service explained that it was complying with the laws of the countries where it works.

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