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In New Zealand, staged shooting in two mosques. 49 people died, four suspects detained

Before the shooting started, one of the attackers said: “Remember, subscribe to Pyudipaya.”

Police accompany witnesses to shooting in a mosque Photo by Mark Baker

In the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, unknown persons fired at Al-Nur and Lynnwood Masjid mosques. This was reported by Radio New Zealand , the New Zealand Herald and the Otago Daily News . Police detained four suspects.

Armed people broke into mosques in the city center and staged firing at parishioners. The New Zealand Herald reported 27 dead, according to Stuff sources, at least nine people died.

The media reported that the shooter in one of the mosques broadcast an attack on the Internet. It is specified that he published a 37-page manifesto where he called the attack a terrorist attack. Bloomberg reported that according to the manifesto, the attacker was inspired by the act of Anders Breivik. His accounts in social networks blocked.

Shot from the live broadcast of the attacker

Before the shooting began, the attacker said, “Remember, subscribe to Pyudipaya.” Then he entered the mosque and started shooting, after the first wave of shots, he went outside and opened fire on passing cars. After he returned to the mosque and continued to shoot.

Police discovered and defused several explosive devices attached to parked cars. The Office cordoned off the third mosque indicated in the attacker’s manifest as the first to attack.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jasinda Ardern, stated that an “extreme and unprecedented act of violence” had been committed and called the event “one of the darkest days” in the country’s history.

Updated 9:40: New Zealand’s Prime Minister claimed 40 dead.

Updated 11:10: The death toll has increased to 49.

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