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In Japan, presented robots that will work at the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo

They will take on some of the responsibilities that volunteer volunteers performed.

The Organizing Committee of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo presented robots that will help visitors to the event. They will help guests find their places, prompt the necessary information and bring drinks and food.

In total, 16 robots of two types will work at the Olympics: the Human Support Robot and the Delivery Support Robot. The first one has a manipulator arm, and the second one looks like a garbage can with a compartment inside.

Toyota Robots Getty Photos

In Toyota, which created the robots, they expect that the most of them will be useful for people with limited mobility and Olympics. The company intends to launch their public sales in 2030.

In addition to robots, Panasonic will use exoskeletons from the 2020 Olympics. They will help workers lift and move heavy luggage and cargo. Exotic suits will be applied at airports and “adjacent areas”, and not at the event itself. Panasonic claims that devices increase employee productivity by 20% and allow them to carry heavy loads without pain.

Panasonic exoskeleton photo getty

Japan is not the first time uses the Olympics to show the level of technical development of the country. At the games in 1964, the authorities presented the Shinkansen superfast train, which is still in use.

At the 2020 Olympics, emphasis is placed not only on technology, but also on ecology. The medals of the winners of the games will be made from recycled materials collected throughout the country.

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