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Tumblr lost almost 30% of traffic in two months after banning “ adult content ”

For a long time, the service had a reputation of a platform where 18+ content is allowed.

From December 17, 2018, Tumblr began to block pornography, erotica and other content from the category “for adults”. Two months after the introduction of the new rules, The Next Web Edition checked how it affected the platform: it turned out that Tumblr had lost about 30% of traffic during this time.

For a long time, Tumblr had a reputation as one of the few popular platforms that allowed 18+ content. This included attracting users and authors. According to SimilarWeb, in December, the service had 521 million page views, and by February, views had dropped to 369 million.

Tumblr page view statistics:

December 2018: 521 million;

January 2019: 437 million;

February 2019: 369 million.

Tumblr statistics from SimilarWeb

Tumblr explained the ban on “adult content” attempts to create “the most supportive environment for the community.” The general director of the service noted that “there is no shortage of websites with content for adults on the Internet.” However, in social networks assumed that the new rules will lead to the death of Tumblr.

“There is no shortage of adult content sites on the Internet”: Tumblr will start blocking all content with a rating of 18+ 

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