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The President of Kosovo during the plot on TV “secretly” entered the password from the working computer – “123456”

Perhaps the combination is a little more difficult. For example, “QWERTY”.

On March 13, an excerpt from the program on the Vijesti channel dedicated to the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, was posted on Twitter. Users interested in the fragment, where Tachi on the camera enters the password from the working computer in the office.

The head of Kosovo consistently pressed six adjacent keys on the left side of the keyboard — most likely, this is the “123456” combination. In this case, the keyboard is not shown in the frame. It is not known whether Tachi really has such a password on the computer, or he entered it for his own sake.

The password entry video went beyond Kosovo and was distributed among cyber security experts. They suggested that the combination could be more difficult – for example, “QWERTY”.

“Nothing, just the president of Kosovo unlocks a computer that definitely does not contain any important information”

“I can not imagine what kind of password”

March 14 news of the password of the President of Kosovo has already appeared in the newspapers. Apparently, the combination will have to change

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