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“Subscribe to us in MySpace”: because of the failure of Facebook and Instagram users remembered the “dead” social network

2019, people are discussing MySpace again. Enough of a few hours of interruption in modern social networks.

On the night of March 13, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messenger around the world suffered a massive failure. Users could not post for several hours, view the tape and exchange messages. On March 14, Instagram went back to work, and Facebook and WhatsApp continued to have problems.

During this time, users of social networks managed to get upset because of their dependence on Instagram, make fun of it, not wait for Facebook to return, thank Twitter for its stable work, recall the creator of MySpace Tom Anderson, and even decide to return to his social network.

First, on Twitter, they were upset by the realization of how much users are dependent on social networks.

“I feel inadequate. And I feel sad about this feeling. Because I don’t want to depend on these stupid apps.

“Instagram, today I literally went through all the stages of grief because of you

“Life seems incomplete without Instagram. Just me or?

“Today we realized that we are all addicted to Instagram”

Others waited for Facebook and Instagram to return to work

“Every Instagram user is now

“Facebook, I’m waiting

“All: Instagram, where are you? In the headquarters of Instagram: “

Many users were glad that during the failure of large social networks, they still had Twitter

“I: Instagram and Facebook are broken. Wife: Oh, no. You will have to communicate with people live. Me not. I have Twitter

“When WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook fail together

“Facebook users: I can not update the tape. Instagram users: My post is gone. Twitter Users:

“We still have Twitter

Soon, Twitter began to joke about how to cope with the dependence on Instagram

“The third hour without Instagram, it becomes wild. I began to cut descriptions of my clothes on the walls of strangers

“I try to log in to Instagram for 1345492929339923 times, despite the fact that I know perfectly well that this will not work

“I open and close Instagram every five minutes to check if he has returned to work

“Facebook and Instagram don’t work … MySpace, this is your chance to come back

“Facebook and Instagram are not working. Twitter hides retweets and likes of users. MySpace

“And now we know why Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp don’t work ..

“Facebook and Instagram: do not work. MySpace

“I log in to my MySpace account, because Mark Zuckerberg too often messes up

“Facebook is still not working, so subscribe to us on MySpace.”

Users so often wrote about MySpace that the name of the site got into Twitter trends

“Now 2019, and MySpace in trends”

The social networks also remembered that the creator of MySpace, Tom Anderson, automatically added all new users of the site as friends and compared him with Twitter head Jack Dorsey

“Tom was friends on everyone on MySpace. Jack [Dorsey] does not read anyone. Just marking

“Tom from MySpace would never do that to us

“Someone contact Tom from MySpace. I’m afraid he’s the only one who can save us.

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