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Facebook and Instagram have crashed all over the world.

Companies have not yet reported the reasons for the failure.

Facebook Issues DownDetector Map

Facebook and Instagram have crashed. This is reported by the media and the users of social networks themselves. Judging by the data on the website DownDetector, problems occurred after 18:56.

The Verge publication reports that the ability to post posts, as well as send and receive messages has disappeared on social networks.

The problems with Facebook are most reported by users from North and South America, Europe and the Philippines. Problems with Instagram are reported by users of the East Coast of the USA, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands.

The official Facebook account Facebook reported that they know about the failures and are already working to eliminate them.

We know that some people currently have problems accessing the Facebook application family. We are working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

A Facebook spokesman told Reuters that the company knew about the problem with access to the social network, but he did not mention the reasons for the failure.

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