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Durov announced 3 million new registrations in Telegram amid Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp failure

Usually, Telegram registers 10 times less users per day.

The head of Telegram Pavel Durov said that in 24 hours 3 million people registered in the messenger – the audience grew by 1%. He noted that the service has “real privacy” and “free space for all users.”

I see 3 million new users have joined Telegram in the last 24 hours. It’s good. We have real privacy and unlimited space for all.Pavel Durovhead telegram

How to tell the creator of the service Combot Fedor Skuratov, usually Telegram logged 9 million users per month, or about 300 thousand people per day.

On March 13, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had a major crash around the world. Users could not post entries, view the feed and exchange messages.

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