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China began testing fare in the metro system of recognition of persons

Some residents of Shenzhen will no longer have to carry money, a card or phone with them to get into the subway.

Turnstile with face recognition at Futian station Photo by South China Morning Post

The Shenzhen Metro launched a face recognition fare at Futian Station. The technology works at the expense of the 5G network, and money is deducted from the pegged payment method. This was reported by The South China Morning Post.

To pay the fare for passengers of the Futian station, it is enough to approach the turnstiles with a special tablet. Before using the system, you need to register and link the fare payment method.

During the test, passengers will be able to see information about themselves on a separate screen, including pictures of their faces, gender, age and length of stay in the subway.

So far, the system works in test mode, in the Shenzhen metro did not specify the timing of the launch of such payment at other stations. As noted in the SCMP, in the future, face recognition will be able to accelerate passenger traffic in the subway, because it will take less time to pay for travel.

The Futian station system uses Huawei 5G technology. The algorithms of AI for the recognized faces of the company laid out in open access. The Shenzhen Metro noted that the new generation of networks provides higher efficiency at a lower price.

Before that, China already had a similar payment system through face recognition. She has worked at local KFC since 2017.

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