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The Hungarian government used a couple with the “wrong guy” meme on a billboard about supporting families

Not the best example of a perfect pair.


The Hungarian government has placed on billboards a well-known stock couple from a meme about an “unfaithful guy,” the essence of which is that a man holds one girl by the hand and stares at the other. A billboard tells about a new scheme for large families, which gives tax and loan benefits. This is reported by the local edition of “444”.

An ad campaign shows a young couple embracing who supposedly corresponds to a government message about traditional family values. Users of social networks have noticed that such a choice is “not the best” because of the meaning of the original meme.

“Government of Hungary / Literally any other stock photography”

“Wow. The designer must have laughed when his proposal was accepted. ”

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The “Bad Guy” meme gained popularity in August 2017, when one of Twitter users found a great photo for jokes on the Shutterstock stock images site. In the photo, a young man walking by the hand with one girl looks at the other.

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