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The family of a teenager who was accused of ridiculing Native American, filed a lawsuit against CNN for 275 million dollars

Before that, they sued the Washington Post because of “unjustified criticism” of the young man.

The family of an American student supporter of Donald Trump Nick Sandmann filed a lawsuit against CNN for $ 275 million, reports Reuters. They demanded from the channel compensation for the publication of the video with the conflict between Sandmann and 64-year-old Native American Nathan Phillips.

According to the lawsuit, four “defamatory” programs were broadcast on CNN, and nine publications appeared on the television channel’s website, falsely accusing Sandmann and his classmates of “participating in a racial conflict”. In addition, the complainants allege that the television channel violated “well-established journalistic standards and ethics”.

The lawsuit also states that CNN “ignored the facts, despite its motto“ First of all the facts ”” for the sake of its “anti-Trump agenda”. A TV representative declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The allegations [on the part of] CNN are completely and unconditionally false, and the TV channel should have known that they were not true if they had made efforts to verify [the materials] before publication.

from the claim of the Sandmann family

In February, the Sandmann family filed a $ 250 million lawsuit against The Washington Post. According to the parents of the teenager, the publication “ignored the basic standards of journalism” for the sake of publication against Trump. WP allegedly “improperly sent criticism and accusations against Nick, because he was a white Catholic student and wore a cap that says Let’s make America great again.” Representatives of the publication stated that they intend to “resolutely defend themselves.”

The conflict between Sandmann and Phillips occurred on January 18, when several rallies were held on the square in Washington DC – students of the Catholic school in Kentucky ended the march against abortion. Most of them put on caps in support of Trump with the words “Make America Great Again”. At the same time, a march of solidarity of indigenous peoples took place – Nathan Phillips participated in it.

The students said that, before their departure, African-American Jews began to shout at them for allegedly offensive phrases. In response, teenagers chanted phrases like “School spirit.” At some point, Phillips went through the crowd hoping to get to the students and reduce the tense atmosphere – he began to knock on the drum and repeat the “prayer of healing.” Sandmann seemed to freeze in front of him with a smile and silently began to look into his eyes. Other teenagers, according to eyewitnesses, began to applaud and mock the American. The conflict ended with the teachers taking the children to the bus.

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