Study: One-third of Russians are afraid of losing their jobs due to artificial intelligence

Some believe that the modern education system does not allow children to be prepared for the future labor market.

International consulting company BCG conducted a survey of more than 13 thousand people in 30 countries about the use of digital public services. Its results were published by RIA Novosti.

The authors of the study reported that “about a third of Russians express strong concern about the possible threat of losing their jobs, particularly in the public sector, in connection with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI).” 56% of respondents said it was necessary to regulate AI for the protection of jobs in Russia.

35% of Russians expressed concern about the non-transparency of decisions made by AI, and 32% doubted the ability of AI to generate accurate results and correct analysis.

32% of respondents reported that the modern education system does not allow preparing children for the future labor market. The authors of the study reported that Russia was among the countries with low support for the use of AI in the field of public services.

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