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British Parliament rejects Theresa May ’s Breckit plan

Timing of the UK from the European Union at risk of breaking

On March 12, the House of Commons again rejected the agreement proposed by Theresa May on the UK leaving the EU. In support of the plan, 242 deputies voted and 391 against. This was reported by CNN.

Deputies said that the draft of the new agreement is not significantly different from that presented in January. Then the House of Commons spoke out against the open border between Ireland and Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom). Speaking to Congress, the Attorney General of England and Wales, Geoffrey Cox, said that additions to the draft Brexit agreement did not eliminate the main risks of the border.

May reported that she “deeply regrets” the voting results. She added that on March 13, deputies will be able to vote for the UK to leave the European Union without a deal. If deputies oppose this, then on March 14 they will vote to postpone the UK’s release date from the European Union – it is now scheduled for March 29.

On November 15, 2018, the British Cabinet of Ministers adopted an agreement on exit from the EU. After his discussion, the Brekzit Minister and the Minister of Labor of the country resigned. On January 15, the House of Commons rejected Tereza May ’s plan to leave the EU.

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