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US police detained a man who threatened Google for blocking his YouTube channel. Three bits were found in his car.

Kyle Long told a policeman from another state that he was angry at the company.

Google Office Mountain View Flickr
Google Office Mountain View Flickr

California police detained 33-year-old Kyle Long, near the Google office, who threatened the company for blocking its channel. That he was angry with Google, Long told the Iowa State Police where he drove. This was reported NBS.

While in Iowa, Long shared with the police that his channel had been blocked on ways to increase the audience and increase profits. A police officer told a department in California that Long is heading to Mountain View to “meet Google”.

Two days later, police from his hometown of Long, Maine, told the Mountain View department that he would “resort to physical abuse,” if the meeting with Google representatives ended in failure.

On the same day, the Mountain View police stopped a Long car “in the heart of Silicon Valley.” They found three bits and a telephone with instructions on how to get to Mountain View. He was detained and placed on bail in the amount of 25 thousand dollars.

April 3, 2018 a woman has arranged shooting in the YouTube office in California. She injured several people and committed suicide. According to one version, the woman got angry at the company for “censoring” its commercials and turning off monetization.

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