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Photo: The Burning of the King of Night near Yelets in honor of Maslenitsa.

The unofficial promo of the last season of the Game of Thrones looks amazing.

Photo by Svyatoslav Seleznyov
Photo by Svyatoslav Seleznyov

March 9 in the archaeological park Argamach (Lipetsk region) passed the celebration of Maslenitsa. One of the traditions of “winter farewell” is the burning of effigy. And since 2017, instead of the standard straw woman, the King of the Night, the leader of the white walkers from the Game of Thrones, has been burned in the park .

One of the organizers of the holiday, Pavel Semenov, noted that every time he encounters criticism because of “their traditions.” According to him, the burning of the character of “Game of Thrones” does not harm the holiday, and even takes place a day earlier than the main celebration.

What traditions can we talk about as strangers, if the object of burning is a fantastic character? Well, in Washington, the President of the United States annually burned, and we started after him. So there is no such thing. White Walker on Maslenitsa burn only we.

Most of all, Russian traditions are experienced by people making seven grammatical, two punctuation and one semantic error in five Russian words. They swear, curse, demand to ban.

Pavel Semenov
the organizer of the burning of the White Walker

Photos of the King of the Night in the entourage of Maslenitsa appeared on Picabaand Imgur photo hosting , where the pictures were rated by English-speaking users. They joked on social networks that the burning of White Walker is a promo for the last season of Game of Thrones, which will be released in 2019.

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