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OpenAI partially became a commercial company. She will invest billions of dollars in creating an AI that is not inferior to humans.

Until now, the company was going to create an open and secure AI, not controlled by the government or corporations.

The nonprofit organization OpenAI, engaged in the development of artificial intelligence, has become half commercial. The company plans to receive investments in the amount of “billions of dollars” and return them after creating a “strong” AI. This OpenAI announced a blog on its website.

In a statement the company said that powerful AI-systems are not enough algorithmic innovations and need serious computing power. Therefore, OpenAI decided to scale its development much faster than planned.

We will need to invest billions of dollars in the coming years in scaling cloud computing, retaining and attracting talented people and creating supercomputers with AI.

from a statement on the OpenAI website

The company explained that they want to raise capital for growth and at the same time preserve the “mission”, but the existing legal statuses did not allow achieving the necessary balance. OpenAI claims to be a “hybrid” of a commercial and non-profit organization. The new form was called the company “limited profit”.

The main difference from the usual commercial business is that after returning on investment and covering all expenses, the remaining profit will go to the non-profit parent company OpenAI Nonprofit. At the same time, the main functions, including the development and attraction of capital, will be carried out by OpenAI LP. The new company has already transferred the majority of employees.

A statement from OpenAI says that the mission to develop a safe and useful “strong” AI will be above the interests of investors. The company claims that investors and employees will not be able to earn more than a certain level of income.

For example, in the first round of fundraising, investments will be limited to 100 times the return. However, in the future, the company plans to lower rates as technology develops.

The board of directors will not be able to simultaneously be a majority of members who have a financial interest in the project. However, only independent members of the board of directors will be able to make decisions in the event of a conflict of interest with the project’s mission, including any decisions on payments to investors and employees.

The main goal of OpenAI LP will be the early development of safe “strong” artificial intelligence (AGI). From the usual AI (AI) it is distinguished by the ability to learn and work in conditions of uncertainty, as well as solving problems no worse than people. For example, in theory, AGI will be able to easily generate movies.

OpenAI appeared in 2015 with the filing of Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and other major investors in Silicon Valley. They invested a billion dollars in the organization and got seats on the board of directors.

In February 2018, Musk left the organization due to a possible conflict of interest with Tesla. On March 9, 2019, it became known that the head of Y Combinator would leave his post and work on OpenAI, in which he also invested.

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