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In Iran, police detained a man and a woman for a marriage proposal made in a public place

Police said they violated Islamic laws prohibiting demonstration of feelings in public. Both were released on bail.

In Iran, a man made a marriage proposal to a woman in one of the shopping centers in the city of Arak, and after video recognition was spread on social networks, they were both arrested for violating Islamic laws, which prohibit showing feelings in public. Reported by the BBC .

“An Iranian loving couple was arrested after a man made an offer to a woman in front of people at the mall,” the report said.

A man and a woman stood in a heart laid out of rose petals. The woman said yes, after which the man put a ring on her finger. People standing around applauded them.

Markazi Province Deputy Police Chief Mahmoud Khalaji said that the couple was detained for “indecent behavior” in public, which is the result of the “influence of corrupted Western culture.”

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