Huawei issued stock photos for pictures from the new smartphone P30 Pro

This is not the first time the company takes a photo from a professional camera to advertise their devices.

Left - frame with Huawei advertisement, right - Stock Photo on Getty Images
Left – frame with Huawei advertisement, right – Stock Photo on Getty Images

Huawei has published several photos advertising the flagship P30 Pro, which will be presented in March 2019. The previous model of the P20 Pro line relied on a powerful camera, and pictures from the new flagship should have shown a high-quality zoom. But the GSMArena edition found out that Huawei took photos from the stock site Getty Images.

Using the image search, journalists found that at least two pictures were not taken on the P30 Pro. Photos of the volcano found on Getty (2009), and a child with ducks – in the portfolio of photographer Jake Olson (2015).

The Verge suggested that Huawei did not steal the photo, but licensed it. But the publication still considered using someone else’s pictures to promote smartphones a bad idea.

In 2018, the Chinese company has already issued a photo of a professional camera for images taken on the Nova 3i smartphone. This was accidentally revealed by a model who published photos from the filming of an advertisement on Instagram. And in January 2019, Huawei cut the salary to two employees who sent a New Year tweet to an official account from an iPhone.

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