Pirate sites in Russia for the year lost 130 million visitors. The audience moved to the “mirror”

Even after the adoption of the law on the pre-trial blocking of “mirrors”.

Ten popular pirate movie and TV show sites in Russia lost almost 130 million visitors. But the audience continues to use the “mirrors” of the same resources. He was informed by Kommersant with reference to the WebKontrol report.

According to the company’s calculations, in 2018 more than 370 pirated sites and 1.5 thousand mirrors were blocked. Most of the time, the TNT, TV-3 and Friday channels are sending legal requests for blocking, and among foreign companies Warner Bros.

Since “mirrors” of blocked pirated sites appear in search results, they continue to attract an audience. As an example, the company cites with an attendance of 8.5 million visitors, which was blocked in October 2018. He has at least four “mirrors”. In January, attendance at one of them was about 2.8 million.

In 2017, the law on blocking the “mirrors” of pirated websites without recourse to the court came into force . The decision to recognize the site as a “mirror” is taken by the Ministry of Communications on the appeal of rights holders or state bodies.

In Russia, the law on blocking the “mirrors” of pirated sites came into force Duplicates will block without going to court.

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