Photo: Energizer Smartphone with 18,000 mAh battery


Energizer presented Power Max P18K Pop smartphone at the MWC 2019 conference. The main feature of the device was a battery with a capacity of 18,000 mAh – almost six times more than the iPhone XS Max. The size of the battery is reflected in the appearance of the phone, which, unlike most thin modern competitors, looks massive.

According to TrustedReviews, the Power Max model can play video for more than 200 hours in a row without recharging. The remaining characteristics of the smartphone faded into the background – journalists discussed only how thick it is. “I am a little delighted. Will I buy it? Damn, no. I even doubt that it will fit in a jeans pocket, ”said The Next Web employee. Energizer has not yet specified the weight of the device.

The thickness of the body of the smartphone – 18 millimeters. The journalist GSMArena clearly showed the massiveness of the device from Energizer, comparing it with one of the latest models of LG.


All: “Yes, we do not care about a thin case, just make the battery bigger!”. Energizer: Hold My Beer.

At the same time, the smartphone follows the “frameless” trend – the front camera extends from the case.

Photo TrustedReviews

Photo Andro4all
Photo Andro4all
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