“Many laughed, saying that he would launch a rocket one day – and he did it”: how will the designer Karl Lagerfeld

What to read about the contribution of Chanel creative director to the industry and why he is considered a unique person.

Karl Lagerfeld Photo by Reuters
Karl Lagerfeld Photo by Reuters

February 19, at the 86th year, the designer and creative director of the Chanel fashion house Karl Lagerfeld died . The media found out that until the last days he had foughtwith pancreatic cancer, but the official cause of death has not yet been disclosed. “He was one of the most influential and well-known designers of the 21st century, and also a landmark, universal symbol of style,” Lagerfeld’s instagram after his death noted .

What to read or see about Lagerfeld

  • “Chanel changed the world of fashion. The little black dress, tweed costumes, all that Chanel fans love and appreciate so far. Playing with this was very risky. But a fresh stream was needed, and he brought it in, leaving the main idea at the center ”- fashion journalist Tim Blanks in a 2.5-minute video for Vogue about the meaning of Lagerfeld;
  • From the childhood of Lagerfeld to the details of his personal life and image, from the most hit things to the most important, in the opinion of specialized journalists, books about the fashion designer, including those that he did not approve – the great encyclopedic material The Blueprint ;
  • The more Karl became older, the less he spent time with his peers. As a child, he drew a lot, wrote and read, and his parents forced him to learn daily from the dictionary page. He loved fashion because he accompanied his mother in shows – the story of Vogue about the formation of Lagerfeld, who “changed the way we dress and what lies in our closets”;
  • Lagerfeld was never afraid to make harsh political statements. One of the most frequently recalled was the show in Paris in September 2014. Then Lagerfeld brought the top models to the “rally” with the posters “Make fashion not war” – a profile on The Telegraph about how Chanel changed under the guidance of the designer;

asked me to talk about the meaning of Lagerfeld for the fashion industry by the author of the Telegram channel about the fashion Good morning, Karl! Former editor of Vogue, Interview and The Blueprint is Katya Fedorova.

Perhaps the most famous fashion designer after Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, was also the only one who had so much time. Already in 1963, he made collections for four fashion houses – Chloe, Krizia, Charles Jourdan and Fendi – and worked with the latter until his death.

In 1983, he became the creative director of Chanel and rather quickly brought a fashionable house soaked in mothballs out of stagnation. He was inspired by hip-hop culture, released supermodels on the catwalk in bright miniskirts, made Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista play football in an advertising campaign. In football. In Chanel. For the prim French fashion society, this was a shock, and critics were not always supportive of the Kaiser, but, nevertheless, his vision led to the fact that the clothes with two crossed letters “C” on the logo were desired by the most advanced women of fashion. “I did things that Chanel herself would never do. She would hate them, ” Lagerfeld admitted . 

There was no equal in scope, with which he did shows the brand. That supermarketbuild in the middle of the Grand Palais, then the cruise liner . Many laughed that one day he would launch a rocket into space, and he actually did it. True, the fashionable spacecraft rose only a few meters above the podium, but how spectacular. 

He will be remembered for his rare and for today’s politically correct world, even excessive, straightforwardness. He could with an impenetrable face notice that the singer Adele is plump, or tell reporters how he hates Angela Merkel and her migration policy.

Not long after being disturbed, the fashionable public once again forgave him, because this is Karl, and he is unique and there will be no more. Now for sure.

Katya Fedorova
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