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In the US, the prisoners-year-old child rescued from a locked SUV, using the skills of theft of vehicles

To help the convicts asked the policeman watching them.

On February 14, in New Port, Florida, prisoners helped to pull a one-year-old child out of a locked car without knocking out a window. Mother said that her father had forgotten the keys in the car and slammed the open door. Because of this, all the doors were automatically locked and the child was locked inside. The temperature outside was 22 ° C, but inside the car it could reach 37 ° C due to the heating.

Father and Mother, as well as those who had gathered at the front of the yard, were attentively addressed by the police, who were sent to five prisoners who had been working on the road in the vicinity. At first, my father wanted to break the window, but the prisoners offered another way, because “repairing a window costs money.”

One of the prisoners decided to use a coat hanger to open the car door. A few minutes later he managed to open the car without harming her.

County Sheriff Chris Nocco praised the prisoners who helped free the baby and save the family from the repair bill. He called it a unique situation, allowing a prisoner to use his hacking machine skills “for good purposes”.

Our prisoners are people who have made mistakes, and we are trying to rehabilitate them so that they can return to society. Many of them, like these people, know that they have made mistakes or made the wrong choice, but they want to do the right things in this life.

Chris Nocco
county sheriff

The baby’s mother said that she was grateful to everyone who helped save the baby. She hopes to find out the identity of the participating prisoners so that she can make a cash contribution to their account in the prison shop.

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