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In Canada, the store worked all day without supervision – buyers did not steal anything and left money at the checkout

At the end of the working day, police were called to the store, but they had nothing to investigate.

Food Basics Store in Kingston, Canada Photo by Kingstonist

The Food Basics store on Barrack Street in the Canadian city of Kingston worked all day without security and a cashier. Customers made purchases as usual and left money for groceries at the checkout. This was reported by the local edition of Kingstonist.

On the annual holiday of the Day of the Family, when almost no one in the city is working, including Food Basics, the store’s doors were accidentally opened. Food Basics employees and management did not know about this, so Kingston residents could not pay for their purchases all day. Some went to the store, pretending that it was working as always, while others were standing outside and trying to figure out the situation.

One of the anonymous eyewitnesses told reporters about a man who left the store with two packages of tomatoes. When the buyer was asked whether he took them just like that, he replied that he had left $ 5 on the counter.

The source interviewed the police, and the officers contacted the store manager. According to the manager, for the day, customers did not hurt anything and did not steal it.

The doors were open and I don’t know what to blame for this, but the manager says that they didn’t damage anything and didn’t steal anything.

Ashley Gutenz
media relations officer at kingston police
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