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California authorities will pay $ 21 million to a man who has served 39 years for murder, which he did not commit

The investigation found new evidence and DNA particles that proved its innocence.

Craig Coley AP Photo

California resident Craig Coley (Craig Coley) will receive from the authorities of California 21 million dollars after he was found not guilty of the murder committed in 1978. Kohl was accused of killing a woman and her four-year-old son, he spent 39 years behind bars.

The key witness for the prosecution was the neighbor of the dead. She claimed that she had seen a man’s car stop near their house. Another neighbor confirmed that he had heard noise from the apartment of the dead.

In November 2017, Kolya was released, at that time he was 70 years old. According to the authorities, the defense was able to find evidence that confirms the innocence of the man. On the sheet of the deceased found the sperm and skin particles of another man. Kolya’s DNA was also not found on the clothes of the deceased boy. In addition, opening the case, the investigators found out that the neighbor of the victims could not see from her window who was in the car.

The constant protection [by] those who believed in his innocence, as well as the decision of the police to open the case again, led to the discovery of DNA evidence that confirmed that Mr. Kohli was innocent.

from the statement of the authorities

According to the publication ABC News, before this, Governor Jerry Brown also agreed to pay Kohl two million dollars in compensation. The publication noted that the city will pay a man 4.9 million dollars out of 21 – the rest of the money will come from other sources, including insurance payments.

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