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British bank began testing the card with built-in verification fingerprint finger

Technology technology, but you still have to visit the department.

NatWest announced that it will distribute its first debit NFC card with a built-in fingerprint reader to 200 customers. Testing will begin in mid-April.

Cardholders will be able to confirm contactless payments with their fingerprints without the need to enter a PIN code or sign. This will allow you to bypass the limit of £ 30 (approximately 2,500 rubles), operating in the UK for NFC-payments.

NatWest will launch the technology together with the manufacturer of EMV chips for bank cards Gemalto, as well as with Visa and Mastercard. The bank stated that fingerprint data is not stored centrally, but on cards. The Verge questioned the reliability of such a decision because of the risk that an attacker could steal and imitate an imprint, but noted that it was still safer than entering a PIN code openly.

NatWest card test participants must visit a bank branch. However, Gemalto has promised that in future versions of the technology will allow customers to register a fingerprint using a smartphone.

The Verge suggested that these cards will be useful to people who can not afford a modern smartphone – because they are provided free of charge and with an open bank account. For other customers, the benefits of such cards are controversial, because with the help of many smartphones you can pay with a fingerprint scanner or a face.

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