Argentine Playboy model found dead. She predicted her death and threatened to reveal pedophiles among politicians.

“Pay attention: I’m not going to kill myself, die from an overdose and sink in the bathroom, I’m not going to shoot myself, if that happens – this is not my decision.”

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What happened

February 24 in Argentina, found a dead model and TV presenter Natasha Jaitt. According to the preliminary version, she died of a drug overdose at the Xanadu Country Club in Buenos Aires. The police began investigating the incident at a party with a large number of guests.

Natasha Hayitt gained wide popularity after participating in television programs on the channel Playboy TV, as well as one of the most popular Spanish-language reality show “Big Brother”. In recent years, she worked as a TV host, radio host and actress and rarely attended social events. Shortly before her death, she appeared before the court: Haitt accused a close friend and director of rape, and also said that she had been with a psychiatrist for more than a year.

The reasons

The investigation carried out an autopsy on Haitt’s body in the San Fernando morgue: they found traces of alcohol and LSD in the body, and traces of cocaine on the nose. As explained to the police, on the hands and body of the model there are no signs of violence or other signs of death after the intervention. Preliminary reason for the death of TV presenter – “respiratory failure due to acute secondary pulmonary edema due to failure of several organsat”.

As part of the investigation, the police detained and interviewed five people who were present at the party, including the owner of the Xanadu club. They confirmed that Haitt used cocaine and drank champagne shortly before her death. The only person arrested in the case is a friend of Haitt and a television producer who was accused of giving contradictory testimonies after his arrest and in court. For example, he said that he hadn’t seen the model’s phone, although on the video cameras one can see how he picks up the device from her portfolio. Alsohe got confused about the position of Haitt’s body after death – on his stomach or on his back.

The local edition of The Buenos Aires Times noted that Haitt’s relatives and close friends do not believe in the version of suicide or drug overdose. According to them, after the rape in 2018, the model stopped using drugs and alcohol, as well as going to populous parties. Her daughter Natalie added that she also does not believe the preliminary conclusions of the investigators:according to her, Haitt repeatedly predicted his death due to the prosecution of the Argentine mafia. Separately, relatives were indignant at thefact that the photographs of the model’s body, taken by the police, got into the newspapers and went to press one day after the tragedy.

The most striking example is Haitt’s tweet from April 2018, in which she warns that she may die soon. According to the model, she knows several politicians and famous athletes who are associated with the prostitution of minors.

“Please note: I’m not going to kill myself, die from an overdose and sink in the bathroom, I’m not going to shoot myself, if this happens – this is not my decision. Remember this tweet »


As noted by the Daily Mail, the topic of pedophilia among politicians and athletes of Argentina is relevant not for the first year. In 2018, Haitt testified as a witness against five arrested suspects in the prostitution of minors. She repeatedly told reporters that, as a former sex worker, she knows much more, but worries about the safety of her family.

Haitt testified by the high-profile scandal in the Argentine youth football: in the biggest clubs of “Independiente” and “River Plate” working scheme for juvenile prostitution. In May 2018, five people were arrested, including an assistant referee and a public relations specialist who worked with children more often than others. Academy players were lured by easy money and delivered to customers by taxi. The police also received several videos of child sexual abuse.

Argentine prosecutors launched an investigation and search for evidence. By the beginning of 2019, no one from the employees of the clubs or the defendants in the case was sentenced.

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