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A new specialist in the preservation of the Gaelic language in the Irish province has become a Russian teacher of Moscow State University

Victor Baida speaks nine languages, and for the last 15 years he has lectured on the Irish language at the university.

Victor Baida in County Kerry Photos by RTÉ
Victor Baida in County Kerry Photos by RTÉ

On February 20, in the county of Kerry in the south-west of Ireland, a new language specialist was appointed – his name is Victor Baida, he was born in Moscow and is fluent in Irish. The job of a Russian is to preserve the Gaelic language on the Avery Peninsula.

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A few days before the official appointment, Baida moved from Moscow to the village of Ballinskelligs, she is on the coast of County Kerry. At home, the linguist left a wife and son. He expects that they will move after him after the local authorities determine his visa status.

Baida became interested in foreign languages ​​at the age of 13. He went to England for courses and learned about other languages ​​on the island, after which he began to study Welsh and Scottish, and then Irish. Since 2004, the linguist has taught Irish at Moscow State University, on the website of the university he is listed as a senior teacher. He is the author of scientific works on linguistics, linguistics and analytics in languages. In total, the Russian knows ten languages, including French, German, Swedish and Icelandic.

Baida demonstrates knowledge of English and Irish

Baida became the tenth language planner appointed by Údarás na Gaeltachta (government body responsible for the economic, social and cultural development of the Irish-speaking regions) as part of a 20-year government strategy. Its task is to preserve the Irish language in the Galtacht – areas where Gaelic languages ​​are used in everyday communication by a significant part of the inhabitants.

There is the smallest number of native speakers in the Heltacht in Kerry, where the Russians were appointed. According to 2016, it is used by about 7% of the population, that is, several hundred people. Moreover, about 60% of the population claim to know Irish.

Baida took the task with enthusiasm and began to plan the strategy of work, in its execution will help him with public organizations. In the local language center Comhchoiste Ghaeltacht Uíbh Ráthaigh, the Irish Baida was described as “completely free”, and the Russian himself as a highly qualified and experienced language planning specialist.

This is not an easy job, but it will allow me to do something for the language and try to help its development and revival. I met people at the local committee in Kerry, they are energetic and enthusiastic. Irish is weak in the region, but people themselves are energized. […]

Irish is very beautiful and worth learning. This is a different way of thinking, it allows you to express yourself creatively, which is impossible in most major European languages. It is definitely a language worth preserving and using.

Victor Baida
Language Planning Specialist in County Kerry Ireland
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