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The main thing about the crash of Boeing in Ethiopia: killing all 157 people on board, including three Russians

The newest aircraft served Ethiopian Airlines flights for only a few months – but the same model has already fallen into catastrophe.

Flight data ET 302/10
The exact cause of the crash is still unknown. The carrier sent employees to the scene of the incident and promised to “do everything possible” to support the emergency services. Boeing said they would also send a team for “technical assistance”, and noted that they would act under the leadership of the Ethiopian authorities and the US National Transportation Safety Board.

Killed all who were aboard

Ethiopian authorities and airline executives announced that all passengers and crew members died. On a flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, were citizens of more than 30 countries.

At least one person flew with a UN passport. According to the airline, he was heading to Kenya to participate in the session of the United Nations Assembly – its start is scheduled for March 11.

Among those whose personalities are established:

  • 32 are citizens of Kenya;
  • 18 – Canada;
  • 9 – Ethiopia;
  • By 8 – Italy, China and the United States;
  • By 7 – Great Britain and France;
  • 6 – Egypt;
  • 5 – the Netherlands;
  • 4 each – India and Slovakia;
  • By 3 – Russia, Sweden and Austria;
  • By 2 – Spain, Morocco, Poland and Israel;
  • 1 each – Belgium, Ireland, Nepal, Indonesia, Somalia, Norway, Serbia, Togo, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Djibouti and Yemen;

The fact that there were three Russian passengers on board was confirmed bythe Russian Embassy in Ethiopia: Ekaterina Polyakova, Alexander Polyakov and Sergey Vyalikov. According to the diplomatic mission, the citizens of the Russian Federation were “ordinary tourists”. Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences in connection with the tragedy.

Many relatives at the airport in Nairobi for hours waiting for any official information, said Reuters. Some have learned about what happened from journalists.

Search work on the scene continues. According to the New York Times, fragments of the aircraft and various items on board — from cigarettes and shoes to napkins with the airline logo — are scattered around the area.

Personal belongings of the victims at the scene Photo Reuters
Personal belongings of the victims at the scene Photo Reuters

Boeing 737 MAX 8 has served Ethiopian Airlines for just a few months.

Ethiopian Airlines enjoys a positive reputation and is quite popular in Africa, as it flies many domestic routes. This favorably distinguishes it from many other carriers that transport passengers only to cities outside the continent, indicates the BBC.

This particular Boeing 737-8 MAX was new – the airline received it in November 2018. Since then, the plane flew more than 1,200 hours, and in the morning before the tragedy, the ship flew from Johannesburg. The model itself replaced the Boeing 737 Next Generation and made its first flight in early 2016.

Boeing 737-8 MAX Airline Photos
Boeing 737-8 MAX Airline Photos

According to the carrier, the pilot of flight ET 302/10 was Yared Getachew, who had flown more than 8.2 thousand hours. The management described its performance as “praiseworthy.” Getacheu has been working in this airline since July 2010 and has served as captain of the Boeing 737 since November 2017.

The last major plane crash involving Ethiopian Airlines aircraft dates back to January 2010. Then Boeing 737-800 crashed in the Mediterranean Sea: killed 90 people.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 has already got into a plane crash: in October 2018, an Indonesian plane Lion Air crashed – 189 people were killed. As the investigation showed , the pilots did not cope with the automatic control system, which pulls the nose down. It is not yet known whether something similar to the flight from Ethiopia happened, but investigators have already begun to check this version.

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