In St. Petersburg, activists blocked the entrance to the office of Roskomnadzor and hung a poster “Russian Internet is being killed here “

And also set fire flares.

Action in Petersburg Photo by David Frenkel , “Mediazone”

In St. Petersburg, activists of the Libertarian party and the AgitRussia movement organized a rally near the building of the local Roskomnadzor administration. This happened during a large-scale rally for Internet freedom in Moscow.

March 10 in many cities of Russia held meetings “against the isolation of the RuNet.” The main and, as expected, the most numerous action began at 14:00 on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow – it is being organized by the Libertarian Party of Russia. The current agreed rally for free Internet can be considered the second. If the main reason in April 2018 was the blocking of the Telegram and the actions of Roskomnadzor, today it is the bill of United Russia on the autonomous runet. The State Duma has already adopted it in the first reading and will discuss it on March 13 in the second.


Pictures from the action published photographer David Frenkel. The activists pasted the door with a protective tape and hung two posters on the wall next to them – with the words “Russian Internet is killed here” and “Censorship is imposed here.” Police removed the tape shortly after the action.

The “Agit of Russia” activist Grigory Kudryavtsev and a member of the Libertarian Party, Roman Ayanka, were detained, but after about two hours they were releasedfrom the 78th Police Department.

Action in Petersburg Photo by David Frenkel , “Mediazone”
Action in Petersburg Photo by David Frenkel , “Mediazone”
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