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Google bought a developer of artificial intelligence for half a billion dollars

Google Inc. bought a startup DeepMind, specializing in the creation of artificial intelligence. Reported  Re / Code .

Google representatives confirmed the purchase DeepMind, but refused to name the amount of the transaction. According to Re / Code, the startup cost the corporation 400 million dollars. According to the publication  The Information , the transaction amount exceeded half a billion dollars.

According to unofficial information, Google CEO Larry Page personally dealt with the purchase of DeepMind. In addition to the Internet corporation, the Facebook social network also laid claim to the London startup, while DeepMind competed with Google, Facebook and Chinese Baidu in hiring engineers.

DeepMind did not gain wide popularity in the IT market, but representatives of the industry engaged in artificial intelligence call the company a “formidable” player. The startup was founded by neuroscientist Demis Hassabis (Demis Hassabis), former developer of Skype and the Kazaa file-sharing network Jaan Tallin, and researcher Shane Legg.

The company is exploring different approaches to the use of artificial intelligence, including a recommendation system for electronic commerce. The site DeepMind claims that the company also has commercial development in the field of recommendations and games.

In recent months, Google is actively buying companies that are not directly related to its current business. So, in mid-January, the corporation announced the purchase of the company Nest, producing equipment for “smart home”, for 3.2 billion dollars. In December 2013, it became aware of the acquisition of a  number of manufacturing companies. robots.

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