Apple hired famous artists to create unique covers for playlists in Apple Music

The company intends to redesign the “thousand” collections.

New cover of the playlist “Hip-Hop Hits” from the author of the cover Culture for Migos
New cover of the playlist “Hip-Hop Hits” from the author of the cover Culture for Migos

Apple hired cult artists to create unique playlist covers that reflect the music. For this, the company also attracted the author of the AC / DC logo and creator of the album cover Culture from Migos. This was reported by The Verge, citing the chief editorial director of Apple Rachel Newman (Rachel Newman).

As a top manager explained, until now, Apple Music playlist covers from services were not necessarily related to music. With the help of artists, the company wants to more closely link the music and the people for whom it is intended.

According to Newman, artists have already updated covers for hundreds of playlists, including Guitar Riffs , Hip-Hop Hits and Urban Latin . In the coming months, the company intends to release new covers for “many thousands of playlists.”

As noted in The Verge, this step shows the serious intentions of Apple to develop the service. Journalists recalled that Apple Music overtook Spotify in popularity in the United States in the summer of 2018, and author covers of playlists, including being able to become the calling card of the service.

To implement the project, the company needed to coordinate the work of Apple Music editors and well-known industry experts. Apple asked artists to work in genres with which they are already familiar.

As the author of the AC / DC logo, Blue Oyster Cult and other brands Gerard Huerta, said, in communicating with him, the staff immediately noted that the big fans of his work. The artist was asked to draw covers for Classic Metal and Guitar Riffs playlists. Huerta admitted that in the works for Apple Music, he was inspired by his old creations.

New cover of the playlist "Guitar Riffs" from the author of the logo AC / DC
New cover of the playlist “Guitar Riffs” from the author of the logo AC / DC

The author covers for the album Culture rapper Migos Stole Stozhmenov (Stole Stojmenov) I said that, too, referred to his previous work, creating the artwork for “Hip hop hits”. He explained that in the work for Apple Music could experiment with “an infinite number of reality and combine them in a special way.”

To work on the cover of Ultra Latino, Apple invited the director of the Despacito video clip Carlos Perez (Carlos Perez), famous for his work with Latin American music. He said that the company gave him the freedom to research and create an authentic style. According to Perez, in his work he reflected “the dance and sensuality that stand behind the reggaton genre.”

Cover "Ultra-Latin" from the director of the clip Despacito
Cover “Ultra-Latin” from the director of the clip Despacito

Apple’s editorial director noted that earlier it was possible to determine what was on the plate by its cover, but over time the visual identity was lost. Apple wants to return the “lost art”.

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