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19-year-old Briton, who wants to return home after leaving for IS, gave birth in a refugee camp

Relatives are concerned about the health of the baby, given that the girl has already lost two children in Syria.

19-year-old Briton Shamim Begum, who wants to return to her country after four years in the territory of the Islamic State terrorist organization, gave birth in a refugee camp in northeastern Syria. The Begum family learned about this from a local interpreter by telephone, the BBC and The Guardian report .

According to the family lawyer, the translator made it clear that Begum and the newborn child are in “good condition”. Relatives who live in the UK do not have direct contact with their daughter.

Parents are happy for their daughter, but they are concerned about the health of the baby and want them both to return home. This is also due to the fact that during her life in Syria, Begum lost two children – an eight-month-old son and a two-year-old daughter.

In an interview with Sky News from the camp on February 13, Begum stated that she feels “sympathy from many people.” She stressed that she hopes to return home “because she cannot live in this camp forever.” According to the girl, the British authorities have no evidence that she “did something dangerous.” “All four years in Syria I was at home, took care of my husband and children. I have never engaged in propaganda and did not call people to come here, ”noted Begum.

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