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The organizers of cycling stopped the participants of the women’s race due to the fact that they caught up with the men who started earlier

They were asked to stand and give the men some time.

Photo: Cycling News
Photo: Cycling News.

In Belgium, the organizers of the one-day cycling race Omloop Het Nieuwsblad had to stop the leader of the women’s race, Nicole Hanselmann, because she caught up with the male cyclists. The men’s race on road bikes started 10 minutes earlier, and its support cars could be dangerous for Hanselmann who caught up with men. This publication reports Cycling News.

We got too close to the men, and it was necessary to maintain a neutral time interval between the races. It was a bit annoying because I was in a good mood. In addition, when others see that you have stopped, they have an additional incentive to get ahead of you.

Nicole Hanselmann
former champion of Switzerland

According to Hanselmann, the women’s race was suspended for five to seven minutes. Prior to that, she was about two minutes in the lead in her race. After a pause, the women were allowed to continue the race. However, Hanselmann clarified that she was compensated for “ten meters”, although, in her opinion, she deserved more.

In her instagram, Hanselmann suggested that she and other women were too fast and men too slow.

Nicole Hanselmann @nicole_hanselmann
Nicole Hanselmann @nicole_hanselmann

In the end, Hanselmann took 74th place, and the Dutch athlete Chantal Blaak won the race. In a conversation with Cycling News, Hanselmann said that despite this “awkward moment,” she was pleased with the race and with her result.

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