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Pakistani authorities released from captivity Indian pilot shot down over the disputed territory

He returned home through the border crossing between the two countries.

The moment when the Indian fighter pilot Abhinandan Vartaman crossed the border of Pakistan after his release. Two days ago, his plane was shot down over Kashmir.

The pilot returned to India through the border crossing between the two countries. Earlier, the authorities reported that they would release him if this would lead to a decrease in tension between the two countries. Indian authorities reported that the transfer was a gesture of peace that would help avoid a war between the two countries.

On February 26, Indian air forces attacked the militant camp “Jaish-e-Muhammad”, located in the area of ​​the city of Balakot in Pakistan. They reported that the attack was a response to the killing of at least 40 Indian military suicide bombers in the disputed region of Kashmir.

On February 27, India re-entered Pakistani airspace. Pakistani authorities said they shot down two planes of the Indian Air Force in Kashmir. The Indian Foreign Ministry denied, stating that during the air battle, the Indian Air Force shot down one Pakistani fighter, but lost one of its own aircraft.

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