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Meme: “Who did this ?”

Sketch from the show Eric Andre turned into a joke about trying to blame his own fault on another.

Mem went from the release of the show Eric Andre: an American comedian led his own program on the Adult Swim channel from 2012 to 2018, in which he parodied modern evening shows and played celebrities.

In the issue, Andre talks about climate change, when he suddenly takes out a pistol and kills his co-host Hannibal Beress. Then he turns to the camera and asks – “Who killed Hannibal?”. The episode was released in November 2013, but didn’t turn around immediately.

For the first time, a clipping from the show began to be used as a meme in October 2016 on Facebook. However, it was not until April 2018 that the joke became popular in the West: at first several variations appeared on Reddit, after which the selection with memes was made Mashable and Vice . In the Reddit section with the Meme Exchange MemeEconomy also recommended to invest in this joke as soon as possible.

Now this is a joke with violation of logic: the culprit first does something bad, and then asks who did it or expresses condolences. There are variations about politics, Russia, depression and relationships.

Turkey / Armenian population from 1915 to 1923: “What is genocide?” George W. Bush / Twin Towers: “Why did al Qaeda do this?” Girl / good guy: “Why can’t I meet a good guy?” Fast food / your heart: “Eat Bigmak” Stalin / 25 million Soviet citizens

By the end of April, the meme reached Russia: jokes began to appear on VKontakteand Twitter , and Memepedia told about the design itself. Basically, the authors simply translate the English-language variations, but there are a couple of examples about Putin and Roskomnadzor.

Putin / Opposition: “I wonder why she died, it’s so sad.” Trump / Truth: “Why did the fake news media do it?” Communism / poverty: “Why capitalism did it”


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