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Mem: Let me in, let me in

It will help to describe how annoying online advertising, scratching the cat and positive thoughts can not get to your destination.

Screenshot from the special edition of the show Eric Andre
Screenshot from the special edition of the show Eric Andre

In February of 2019, social networks began to come up with jokes on a massive scale, based on a picture of a guy who was desperately trying to get somewhere. Meme appeared from Eric Andre’s sketch show – since 2012, the comedian has been running a program on the Adult Swim channel, where he parodies modern evening shows and interviews celebrities. The transfer and earlier generated jokes – for example, “ Who did this? “.

The special edition of the show, where the meme template came from, came out on July 29, 2016, but did not immediately become popular. In the sketch, the presenter goes to the US Democratic Party convention, stumbles on visitors, runs and screams. The moment, which became a meme, begins at 0:22 second video. Then Andre walked up to the fence near the park and started yelling: “Let me in, let me iiiiin” (“Let me in, let me in”).

On February 10, a Reddit user posted a template with two frames from the sketch of Eric Andre in the r / dankmemes section. The joke refers to the recent arrest of the rapper 21 Savage, who was detained for illegal stay in the country. He has lived illegally in the United States since 2006. Now the rapper faces deportation.

America / 21 Savage

Mem attracted users of the site, after which dozens of jokes appeared on social networks based on the template. It is used for situations where someone (Eric Andre) is trying to get into inaccessible space (behind the fence). Users have shown how ordinary things or phenomena — like a cat trying to enter a room — cannot reach their destination. Also, a joke is used for abstract concepts – when positive thoughts cannot reach the brain.

Blankets on my bed / demons Greenland / Plague Inc (Simulator of the spread of the epidemic on Earth, Greenland is the safest place there) Rule of five seconds / bacteria Google / I go from another device / I forget my password Incognito mode / FBI agent who wants to know what I’m doing [on the Internet] Centenary Vaccines / Diseases My ad blocker / commercial Children of the 90s / people born in 98-99

I’m trying to get to the part of the brain that makes me happy
My bedroom door / my cat / my cat less than 5 seconds later
On Reddit, the meme moved to the second phase – from the original phrase “let me in” on the template, they began to cut out letters and collect new words.

When someone asks whose struggle it is / mine! Literally no one: / feminists: men! Free education in Russia / Lenin
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