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Instagram Person: Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir

He became famous in social networks due to the “gigantism” in the preparation of traditional dishes and signature smile.

Burak Özdemir is a 25-year-old Turk working as a chef at Hatay Medeniyetler Sofras Istanbul Restaurant. He became famous in social networks thanks to the rollers with the preparation of unusually large dishes: for example, meter-high Lyulya kebabs, huge burgers and scrambled eggs from ostrich eggs.

Ozdemir publishes all this on Instagram. The desire for “gigantism” brought him millions of subscribers, and the video periodically diverge across the Internet.

Ozdemir began working at age 13: his family had a small restaurant business, and from childhood, Turk was taught cooking. In 2009, he went to Aksaray to independently open a new institution. For several years he made the restaurant a success, after which he moved to Istanbul. There, the chef became a local celebrity: TV stars, athletes came to him, and once Ozemiru came to the famous football player Ronaldinho.

Ozdemir has been instagram for several years, where he shows the cooking process. In every video, he is a cook who constantly smiles – even when he cuts carcasses. By March 2019, he had more than 6 million subscribers.

Movies with Ozdemir often become popular in Russia. During 2018, other videos could be found on ” Peekaboo ” and ” Yaplakal “. Chefs were also discussed on Reddit and Imgur . Here is a typical video of a Turk: he takes a lamb carcass and then stuffs it with big peppers, which are also stuffed in turn. All this he prepares not in parts, but in its entirety.

Other dishes performed by Ozdemir.

Pistachio ice cream

Plov with lamb


Burger with french fries

Stuffed Chicken


Stuffed Peppers

Baked Thigh

Fried eggs with ostrich eggs

Ice cream

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