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In Germany, a rat is stuck in a sewer. She came to save the fire brigade

“Even animals that many people hate deserve respect.”

Rat stuck in manhole Photo by Rhein Neckar\

In the German city of Benshai, a little girl noticed a rat stuck in a manhole and called for animal rescue. Experts who arrived at the site could not pull a rat out of the hatch and called firefighters.

The team of eight rescuers, who arrived at the scene, lifted the hatch cover and animal rescue specialist Michael Sehr pulled the animal. According to him, during the winter the rat gained a lot of excess fat, which prevented it from getting out.

The girl, who had first noticed the animal, presented Seru with a drawing of a rat surrounded by hearts. Subscribers to the animal rescue group on Facebook thanked the specialist for the successful operation.

Even animals that many people hate deserve respect.

Michael serre
animal rescue specialist

Rat Rescue Record

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